Hi! I’m Agroudy 👋

I build digital experiences and explore new horizons

Product designer with +7 years of experience in building digital experiences.

Currently I’m crafting world-class products at Bosta, and previously at IBM and Vodafone.

Work highlights

My design approach is to create relevant, functional, and aesthetic design experiences by putting myself in the user’s shoes.

ux user experience ui user interface Twin Factory Forecast, monitor, …


A human-centered designer who is passionate to design intuitive products that makes people’s life better.

As I design for people -not robots-, I truly believe in investing more in understanding users, their emotions, behaviors, and needs.

I connect people with business, a true connection using set of methods and tools packed up with real-life experience to achieve just that.


With my strong understanding of design, people and business I can help you build a world-class products by balancing between functionality and aesthetics.

Whether you're starting out or want a fresh eye to look at your product, I can provide the services that fit your project at the right time.

Build your next big thing

I work closely with you to research, identify your potential users, challenge & generate ideas, design, build prototypes and validate with users.

Rethink your product

I work on your product and users to strategize, identify key problems, opportunities, prioritize, design intuitive solutions and validate with your users.

Rapid building

I turn your ideas into reality by quickly scoping into the problem, design a solution and build a kick-ass prototype to use in your PoC, validations and pitch desks.


I work with you to identify strengths and weaknesses of your team, set strategies, build processes, and share technical knowledge in the needed areas.


I push the limits and explore crazy concepts, because why not? Be ready, you’ll witness things that lays between fiction and reality

A planning tool from the future

Building an intelligent warehouse at bosta


Along with my design work, I mentor designers when it comes to career growth and technical training.

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